decorner  was founded in 2007 by Albert Biosca, who created a multidisciplinary team of architects and
designers establishing a platform of global project management.

We work on the creative counseling of corporate identity in its entirety, from the  brand concept creation to
the implementation in a retail store.

To achieve this, our work is based on three fundamental pillars​​: respect for the brand values, innovation in
brand-consumer relationship and creativity in a sensory experience.

To ensure the best results decorner is responsible for both the design and its subsequent realization. We
take care of the whole process of organization; from the procurement of the necessary services over the
design and production of any element to the building works.

decorner Team: 

For us, all the elements involved in the design process have the same priority.
In order to cover different fields, the team is a mixture of multidisciplinar professionals and a wide
network of external partners who design together.


Albert Biosca — Architect and director

Cristina Luque — Financial management

Marta Puigdevall — Account director

Martí Broquetas — Account director

Nina Sundberg — Interior designer

Anna Torres — Interior designer

Marc Canals — Graphic Design

Alex López  — 3D Architecture Render

Jaume Urpí  — Construction Manager